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Dyed dark brown, long hair with lots of layers. This emo girl hairstyle is great if you have an oval face and want soft bangs.

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As you can see this is a very nice style accompanied with dark eye makeup that emphasize your eyes. Wear it any way you want.

Jes Rickleff is the "winner" of VH1's "Rock of Love". She lives in Kearney, Nebraska and works at a salon called "Bang".
Jes Rickleff
Jes Rickleff is not really emo but she got this really nice pink highlights and thats worth mentioning her on this blog. It takes an enormous amount of self confidence to wear pink hair and she's just oozing with it.

emo boysI love his silky, shiny, straight emo hair!

2009 Latest summer Short Emo Hairstyle for Girls
Latest Short Emo Haircuts for Girls 2009

short emo hairstyles
Short emo haircuts have become a hit among many teenagers and young adults – even those who do not particularly consider themselves emo. That is because short emo haircuts are quite trendy and easy to manage.Here are some emo hairstyles for you all.short emo hairstyles
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short emo hairstyles
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short emo hairstyles
Among the popular short emo haircuts is the angled bob. This haircut features angular cuts which are usually left very short or razor-cut at the back, and leaving longer streaks on either one or both sides. A sweep of full or spiked bangs may be added too.
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The cool band "Refused" popularised the emo hair with their uniform appearance in this music video for the "New Noise" single.As with clothing, the hairstyles of emo girls and emo boys vary depending on the individual and on his/her music influences. However, there are several common aspects of emo hairstyles.
 emo hairstyles
For one, because the emo scene is very DIY-oriented, hair that is not professionally cut is considered to be more scene than hair that is. Emo kids have their friends cut their hair, or they cut it themselves. Jet black, bleached blonde, or dark hair with a reddish or purplish tinge are all very emo, as is hair with distinct sections of contrasting colors (all-over black hair with a section of bleached blonde in the undermost layer of the back is quite common).

girls Random length summer hairstyle 2009
Short blue white emo hairstylegirls random white blue emo haircuts.