fashion haircuts for emo girls
fashion emo girl with green hair style
Cool this emo girl!

Generally emo girls who are interested in this emo fashion sport short, black-dyed hair with colored streaks. The jewelry includes facial and multiple body piercing. Wooden and hemp accessories are also standard in the emo fashion. The clothing can include tight jeans added upon by a flashy T-shirt displaying an image of your favorite emo band or a catchy message.

A short skirt is also another standard emo girl fashion; footwear’s generally include flat buckle shoes and high boots which are worn with jeans and short skirts respectively. Vintage accessories and articles like shoes and jackets of 1970’s are very trendy and can be sported above the T-shirts.


  1. Aelwyn said...
    OMG! That's me! O_O
    Ann said...
    lol, is it really?
    Aelwyn said...
    Yeah ,, :S
    That's me XD

    emokiddnikki said...
    yur pretty (NH) nice hair and outfit 0.o!

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