There are many people who confuse the Scene style with the Emo style. The reason behind this is that both of these styles look really similar. Here is a look at Emo versus Scene style.
Emo style involves wearing really tight clothes. Emo style also involves unique haircuts. Emo girls generally sport shorter hair then scene girls and their hair is usually dyed in black color with colored streaks. Emo boys usually look untidy with their shaggy hair locks. Their hair partially covers a single eye.
scene girl with long straight hair style
2010 scene girl with long straight hair style
hot emo boy's hairstyle
hot emo boy's hairstyle
Scene Emo Style

Scene style on the other hand involves wearing really tight pants that make the legs look skinny. They wear shirts featuring a band. Usually their t shirts have bright neon colors. Also their shirts have some cartoon characters like a poke`mon. The Scene style also involves wearing a lot of accessories. They are usually chunky jewelry, big bands and huge bracelets. These accessories do not have to match in color ass long as they look good together. The Scene girls wear Converse or ballet flats. The boys usually wear the avaiator sunglasses.
Both the styles are very similar and both are extremely popular.


  1. Jessica Lay said...
    this guy is amazing.
    who is he?
    GezzyDiversion said...
    That girl with blue hair is so unbelievably hot!

    Who is she? Where did you find the picture?????
    GezzyDiversion said...
    could you tell me where you found the picture of the blue scene girl please?
    Mike said...
    hey all i want to say one thing and ask 1 thing. The girls are hot <3 en i wanne ask how to get a emo hair style for boys?
    babyfacedpunk said...
    omg i want mi hair like tht girllzz cuz its radd.....but instead of bluu i wanntt neonn purplee!!! :3

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